Action Reaction Course 10

The NY Silver chart below was drawn by a new member, Mr. Edward Palm applying the Foundation’s “Horn of Plenty Study”. Mr. Palm has made, and is making an exhaustive Study of all available scientific Courses relative to Price Prediction, and was before going into business for himself the writer of the periodic letter sent to customers of one of the largest Commodity Firms.

The lines below from the “Horn” method illustrate how prices fluctuate along these regular geometric 10 degree radial lines as well as between them.

Another Course member has written us that he has made very satisfactory profits from the “Horn” method and it is apparently his favorite course method.

It seems natural for each person to select a method that appeals to him. One of our friends who is one of the County’s largest Traders told the writer that he liked the Moving Average Channel line method for although it didn’t get him in always at the bottom or out at the top, it did give him profits from the long trends. However this man was constantly on the lookout for other successful methods. For there may be frequent times when other methods can prevent some of the “whip‑saws” common to side wise movements of prices in their fluctuations.

You might like to put a piece of tracing paper over this chart and start your radial lines from the low on the last of November 1973 at the 275 area and see the similar fluctuations along and at these radial lines. Such practice certainly gives the investor a “feel” of the market.