Action Reaction Course 11


Rule #1. Where prices are always headed Rule. You course members are among the fortunate few to be able to draw a straight line and know that prices are headed toward that ML. Very few investors have ever applied this ML principle of statistics to price fluctuations, and we’ve never seen this in any books on investment. So very few know that prices are always headed toward the newest ML.

Rule #2. The Rule of coming opposites applies all through life. E.g., “Blessed at they that mourn (when the price of their stocks fall), for they shall be comforted.” For the value of their savings that they had put into stocks will fluctuate up again. And find the “Wes Usto” also in the New Testament and in prices.

Rule #3. “Turn your mind about,” or “Rethink, for all good is at hand.” We should mentally prepare ourselves for the coming reversal in prices, and other affairs. Here’s one way for example, that you members who know the ML rules can use: When prices are skyrocketing upward, we do this preparation by thinking “If prices pivoted here today at this price, I’d draw a new ML bisecting the distance between today’s price and the price from which the rise started.” And we know now that if this is a Major Pivot, prices will fall rapidly to this new ML. Profits from such drops are big and quick.

Rule #4. Rule for anticipating major P’s. If after a decline you can count four previous P’s, the fifth one is highly probable to be the one from which a new trend starts.

Rule #5. Rule for easily detecting the major P from which you can make a quick, big profit is to watch for the EP , IEP and SEP formations.

Rule #6. The other reversal rule is that prices tend to reverse at or near any ML, as well as at any extension of each ML. And also at any MLH or extensions of MLH.

Rule #7. The Penetration Rule is that whenever prices gap past, or plunge through any ML, there is a high probability that they will quickly return to it temporarily, and then resume the trend they had before they gapped or plunged through.

Rule #8. Price Failure Rule; When prices fail to reach the ML as shown by a space between the P of reversal and the ML, the probability is that this price reversal will go further than it did on it’s approach toward the ML.

Rule #9. The price failure rule is negated when the next price trend is also a failure in reaching the ML. This is almost invariably a signal (a shakeout) of a big, fast move in the direction indicated by this last “space.”

Rule #10. Reliability of ML and (3) as CLs on weekly and monthly range charts is good for the MLs but as significant Ps may be hidden in any weekly range, you’ll have to make allowance that this happens.