Action Reaction Course 12

This chart shows you how to draw the Median Lines (ML) from each pivot (P). You start the line from each pivot and bisect the distance between the next two pivots extending the line for the next pivot will 80% of the time be at or near that ML. And when late prices meet this ML extension as shown in the months of September and November you see that you will have price fluctuations around the extension of the 6ML7-8. This enables you to be one of the few investors who always know in advance the probable place where a reversal of the trend will come.

You see that a parallel has been drawn from Pivot 2 and another from pivot 3. These are abbreviated with Capital letter H since that letter has two parallel vertical bars. So when you want to distinguish them from other lines you would letter them 1MLH or 2MLH, the numerals refer to the number of the pivot from which that ML is drawn. When prices drop below that H that slopes upward it signals Sell. And when prices rise above its extension the signal is Buy. And the signal is the same when the ML and its H slope downward. A profit is probable if you reverse positions when prices meet the ML. Even when prices pass beyond the ML a reversal back to the ML is probable even though that penetration predicts the probability of a further move of prices in the same direction as when they penetrated that ML.