Action Reaction Course 20

Lack of faith, inability of unwillingness to believe, a search for reasons why to avoid taking action seems to be the reason that more people failed to avail themselves of the hundreds of percent profits they should have been making since December 1972. Below are a few of the charts showing the exact dates and prices where purchase or sales were indicated by the methods presented to you only in this course. Remember what Mr. J. P. Morgan said, “prices will fluctuate”. There are even quicker profits ahead for you on the “down” side after these rises are over.

And those of you who haven’t the time available to give to commodity trading can use the principles just as successfully to make 100% plus yearly from your stocks. Or you can follow the “orders indicated” and positions of the weekly Course letters and just phone your broker. But be sure you give the orders, and “don’t let him advise you” is the advice given by nearly every successful trader.

You figure the percentage profits on margins of 10% of the total value of each contract. Perhaps next week we’ll find time to give the percentage gains made by all who acted on these course signals.