Action Reaction Course 23

What the ML lines show you, that make your profits certain.

#1. You members are among the few who know where the price of any stock or future is headed. It is headed toward the latest ML, toward the minor ML first and on passing that toward the major MLs

#2. When after a long decline price drops to the lower MLH, it signals the probability of a big rise ahead, The 6/26/77 ML’s lower MLH was reached as shown on 8/15 and 8/23, as an example of this rule and drop to it was signaled by #3 MLH Rule.

#3 “when prices fail to reach the ML (shown by space#1) it signals probability of a drop beyond the prior low.”

Another example of this rule is at Space#2 when prices failed to reach the 8/8ML. The rise signaled by #2 was from 447 area on 8/23 to 507 area in less then 3 months for a $3,000 profit. Then space #3 signaled a drop below the 10/19 low, before a reversal. Two more signals shown.