Action Reaction Course 25


Pythagorus and members of his Courses taught that each combination of numbers had meaning other than that of a “Set” of numbers. As members of this Course you have seen that the 0-4 lines are useful to measure (A) and (R) lines from, and how 1-3 or 2-4 lines in SEP [skewed expanding pivot] are useful when prices cross them as profit makers.

This study reveals to you that these 0-3 lines no only are good lines to measure from, but they are unique in that there is a high mathematical probability that their (R) lines will pass through at least one P at the start of a new trend, and usually the P at the start and the P at the end of the move, whether the move be a long or short one.

Therefore the 0-3 line shows you what other investors would give a lot to know, viz., “how fast will the next drop (or rise) be, where will the start be and where will the end be.”

For examples and proof refer to the enclosed Winnipeg Flaxseed Chart. You can start with line D as the #1 Centerline (CL) as it passes through Pivot 0 and P3. As one of several past Ps you can take the Gap, line C as 1(a)1, and take line A as another, 1(a)2. In this last example you notice that this lien passes not only through the usual low P that we measure to when prices have been dropping, but this line also passes through the top P where the drop started. You’ll also note that line Z-Z at the extreme left of the chart passing through both top and bottom Ps enables you to sue it as an (a) lien about line A as a CL And it tells you to sell short on July 31 when line B turned down pries at 330. Line B was of course the corresponding (R) line to Z-Z.

So you now have another member of a “set” that you can use to measure from, as well as the 0-4 and 1-3 and 2-4, and other members of the “set”. As further examples of the marvelous order, a geometrical order that you are one of the few people in the world to know of its existence, is:

since (A) and (R) are parallel the price trend at all (R)’s from 0-3 CLs are all parallel and all tend to pass through Ps at the top and bottom.

each of these (A) and (R) lines can also be used as a reliable CL to indicate where future prices will change trend.

Now you should check all the other liens marked by capital letters of the alphabet with other (A) and (R) lines that you draw in yourself.

You will notice that you have a mesh of ascending and falling parallel lines that form a network along whose lines prices tend to rise and fall.

Alan H. Andrews, Director