Action Reaction Course 28

This 0-4 CL tells you when to buy on this chart when you measure back to the distance of each top P to five you the same distance to the next low P. This is our famous Action & Reaction Rule that my late friend from MIT adapted from Newton’s law of physics that “A” and “R” are equal and opposite, and on which Babson attributed his fortune of $50,000,000. If you only learned this one rule from this Course, you could become a millionaire also, as other people have. Each little circle is at the top P from which the A line is drawn. To get the place to sell you reverse and draw in another convenient 0-4 CL that slopes downward and now measure back to the low Ps for you’re a line distance, and then draw the opposite R line. You have several places where you can draw this 0-4, such as the one we numbers and drew in for you. To avoid too many lines messing up the chart, you can get semi-transparent drafting sheets at office supply stores to put over your original chart.