Action Reaction Course 29 – 34

29: Course members who do a little chart work are making profits like those below, so get with it.


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31:Another Action & Reaction Rule for price fluctuations is the (0 to 1) CL to measure action and reaction from. Remember the “equal & opposite” part of this Rule of the great Isaac Newton who discovered this rule in physics, and that my friend the late Roger Babson adapted to price fluctuations, and attributed his $50,000,000 fortune to. If you made $2000 each week for 50 years you’d have $50,000,000. These lines are started from the closes, whereas (0-4) lines start at the extreme of range.. Note that you have a high probability of profit by acting on each R line.


32:The dash line is a (3) to measure back to the top close for (A) distances as a CL to measure ahead to another parallel that is the (R) line where prices make a top. This alteration of the principle “Action & Reaction are equal and opposite” provides signals for additional Ps that are sometimes missed when we confine our lines to those Ps that are opposite.

The other two (3) lines use the opposite principle: The top (3) has no A nor R lines so that you can practice drawing them and see the profits you can be making after your paper trading shows you that you have mastered this.


33:(0-4) is the Zero to Four line as a center line (CL) from which to measure the distance of the top pivot so you can measure an equal distance ahead or below for the reaction parallels each pointing to the low pivots from which prices will rise.


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