Action Reaction Course 35

A drop from 97 to 37 in a bit over 1 year offered a potential profit of 60c. Each 10c drop showed a $5000 profit or enough to double the number of contracts held if margin was $5000 per contract. Therefore for each 10c drop in a 60c decline you find the number of contracts held is 32 if you started with one contract, and giving you two eks from profit on the first drop, 4 eks after the second drop, 8 after the next , etc. Of course the 10c in Mar & Apr in 74 would wipe you out if you had not sold at 70 area in 74R4, or at 62 area @ R6. But use DTRs on DT to keep selling and UTRs on UT to keep buying with part of your profit each time at least.

Not buy signal each time price rises from the left to meet the R line.

Note sell signal each time that prices fall to the right of each R.