Action Reaction Course 47

“God is a Mathematician”

If you drew in the (A) and (R) lines on May Soybean meal chart as suggested in previous study you see they looked like the lines on the lower left chart. As you notice, “Where lines converge with price, a pivot (P) is formed”, an important Rule. Also note that the centerlines were all multi-pivot lines (MPL). Note that (A)6 above the MPL6 that slopes about 45 degrees had its corresponding (R) at the final low, but it was also the (R) above that MPL6 that was at the peak pivot.

The chart on the right [in this document it is the second chart below – Ed] shows that fluctuations during July and August enabled you to draw several MPL converging around Nov 22. The one with the most Ps was MMPL14. Lay over this the rib of a fan and note how price movement in September and October enabled you to slide your pivot finder along this MMPL14 until ribs O and P were over MPLs in those months. This located the center of the fan also near Nov 22.

As prices dropped along MMPL14 in July and August there were 4 rallies which enabled you to draw WMPL and similarly at W, Y, Z. Notice that the slope of these lines prognosticated a center around the November 15 low. And note that these lines fitted the 10 degree angles made by the ribs. This particular chart is of special interest in many ways. Particularly because the upribs pointed to a low. And these lines were indicated months before anyone dreamed that this Salad oil didn’t exist as stated by the Salad Oil King. Does this fact show that there are no secrets in the world of mathematics that determined where the top and low peaks were to come?