Action Reaction Course 8

Hagopian’s Rule: When prices reverse trend before reaching a line at which probability indicates such a reverse could start, proper action may be taken in buying or selling, as soon as prices cross the trend line they were moving along before reverse. (Mar. Corn, e.g.)

A large countermove is indicated and confirms the first action as above, when prices cross the first Trend Line sloping away from the original line. This line may be a trend line, a median line, a reaction line, or a moving average line. The rule still applies.

For example of May Soybeans chart, UTL2-4 is the first UTL to slope away from 2ML3-4, UTL1-3 the first on Pork Bellies, DTL2-4 and UTL5-7 on Sugar, and UTL2-4 and b-c and c-d on Wheat. The other TL that can be drawn from the low pivots, parallel or slope toward the original “Barrier Line”, whichever type of line we choose to measure from.